Legendary Selector Di General Pink Panther Crowned at ‘World Bash’

A sold-out crowd erupted into roars at Irish and Chin’s “World Bash” in New York during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Billed as a victory for sound system culture by thousands of fans, emotions ran high at the musically charged event, which was pinnacled with a touching, surprise sound system crowning of 9x World Clash Champion, Di General Pink Panther.

The legendary selector, Di General Pink Panther, was celebrated for his endless contributions to the sound system, sound clash, reggae, and dancehall music and culture over his storied career. There wasn’t a dry eye in Amazura, as the influential Di General Pink Panther was praised by fellow members of the sound system fraternity and legions of fans.

An emotional Pink Panther expressed gratitude while reflecting on dedicating 38 wonderful years of his life to sound business. The famed sound man, who has been facing health challenges, declared boldly, “I am not going to die” before bussing the crowd in true Di General Pink Panther style. He charged into a bevy of hard-hitting anthems, which had the crowd bursting at the seams in excitement.

“My intent is to honor all who have given their lives to sound system culture,” says Garfield “Chin” Bourne of Irish and Chin. “As the premiere promoter in this space, I hold a unique and powerful position, which allows me to properly celebrate artists, selectors, and sounds.”

“Sound systems are the least celebrated, despite their enormous impact. Sounds are the backbone of reggae and dancehall music and culture,” Bourne adds.

The historic “World Bash” was a sensational musical climax to Mighty Crown’s sound journey. The powerhouse line-up featured a who’s who of sounds, including Soul Supreme, Bass Odyssey, Killamanjaro, David Rodigan, Dynamq, Tony Matterhorn, Pink Panther, LP International, Bodyguard, Metromedia, and Mighty Crown.

Members of the sound fraternity

Members of the sound fraternity celebrate Pink Panther

Sound systems cultivated most of reggae and dancehall’s iconic artists, who in turn inspired generations of talent. It’s Di General Pink Panther’s time to be recognized for his pivotal cultural role.

Di General Pink Panther’s work with Irish and Chin began more than 25 years ago, including a performance at their very first sound clash. The popular selector ultimately adapted the moniker 9x World Clash General from his countless victories in the landmark clashes.

Born Edward Johnson, Di General Pink Panther grew up in the Seaview Gardens and Grants Pen communities in Kingston, Jamaica, with a strong sound system upbringing. He rose to fame on Black Kat from Christiana, Manchester, Jamaica, solidifying his role as a historic sound killer.


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Marlon “Ajamu” Myrie: Legendary selector General Pink Panther crowned at Irish and Chin’s ‘World Bash’

Junyo Thirdeye S-Steady: Members of the sound fraternity celebrate Pink Panther at Irish and Chin’s ‘World Bash.’

Sizzla Kalonji & Anthony B To Perform At Reggae Family Festival In Trinidad

Sizzla Kalonji and Anthony B are scheduled to perform at the first annual Reggae Family Festival to be held at the newly renovated O2 Park, Chaguaramas, Trinidad on Sunday 17th December 2023. Currently, two of the most celebrated Reggae icons, Sizzla and Anthony B with their chart-topping hits and unwavering stage presence, are expected to deliver electrifying performances that transcend boundaries and captivate audiences of all ages.

In a statement, organisers said the event “promises to be an unforgettable experience, uniting generations through the power of music”.

“We are ecstatic to bring together these two colossal figures in the world of reggae music for a day that celebrates unity, love, and the vibrant rhythms of our culture,” says Matthew Dasent.

“This event isn’t just about music; it’s a celebration of family, community, and the universal language of reggae that resonates across the globe.”

Organisers said: “Attendees can anticipate a day filled with pulsating beats, soulful melodies, and a festive atmosphere that caters to both die-hard reggae enthusiasts and families seeking a day of entertainment.”

“From classic hits to modern favourites, Sizzla and Anthony B. are poised to deliver an unforgettable acoustic performance for the first time in Trinidad & Tobago that will have the audience swaying and singing along.”

“The Reggae Family Festival is not only a concert but a comprehensive family affair, featuring a variety of food stalls, interactive activities for children, and opportunities for community engagement. This event aims to foster a sense of togetherness and create lasting memories for attendees of all ages.”

“We are dedicated to curating exceptional events that bring communities together through the power of music and cultural celebration. Committed to delivering unforgettable experiences, Reggae Family Fest seeks to create moments that resonate with audiences of all ages,” said Vychalle Singh.

Tickets are available at Cache Nationwide, 145 Live, Tragarete Road, and online at Island E Tickets.

For further information, ticket purchases, or media inquiries, the promotor can be contacted at 868-688-8054.


The Nominees For The 2024 Grammy Awards Best Reggae Album Are?

The Grammys the biggest, most anticipated music awards show of all time has release the of nomination for its 2024 show. Every year, musicians and artists alike are at the edge of their seats hoping to achieve that Grammy nomination. Popular genres from all across the globe are taken into consideration when deciding who to bestow the honour of nominee upon. This year, the Best Reggae Album award nominees are hot. With albums selected from some of the biggest, most influential names in reggae music. Can you guess who they are? If not, don’t worry, we gotchu with the list of 2024 Grammy nominees for the Best Reggae Album.

The Grammy Nominees are:

Buju Banton Grammy Nomination

Cali Roots Grammy Nomination


Burning Spear Grammy nomination


Julian Marley Grammy Nomination



Which one of these sensational albums are you rooting for? Are you enticed by “Colours of Royal?” Inspired by “Born for Greatness?” Perhaps you’re moved by “No Destroyer?” In the mood for a steamy beat from “Simma?” Or captivated by any of the laid-back tunes made using the “Cali Roots Riddim 2023?”

Let us know who you’re rooting for in the comment section of our Instagram or Facebook page @Caribbean Entertainment Hub!



The Grammys


Launch Of 2024 Trinidad & Tobago Carnival In A Fog Of Invisibility

Last Saturday the launch of the 2024  Trinidad & Tobago Carnival took place in a fog of invisibility. What normally would have been a total crowd-pleasing event with great performances by many of today’s and yesterday’s top soca artistes was fogged up by an overzealous fogman. During many of the performances, both the artist and the dancer dressed in beautiful and at times sexy costumes, were immersed in a wall of smoke that engulfed the entire stage and persisted for the duration of their set.

What is amazing and prompted the writing of this article is that apparently at no point in time during the show did someone in authority tell the fogman to turn it down; because the annoyance continued throughout the night. This indicates that this amateurish use of the fog machine is acceptable by T&T promotors for it is not the first time that I have noticed this trigger-happy behavior.

It is important to point out that Stage lighting, Pyrotechnics, and Fog Machines should be used to enhance an artist’s performance and not distract from it. When used sparingly, they have a positive effect, but when overused, they can be distracting.

Besides the overuse of fog and smoke machines at many live Soca events, is the unprofessional stage lighting that is quite common these days. It can be a simple case that the stage may not be built to accommodate the correct placement of overhead frontal lights that illuminate the front of the performers, but the emphasis these days is on lights that shine from the back of the stage illuminating the back of performers and often blinding the audience in front the stage. While this is beneficial to the photographers on stage for their social media shots, the inadequate illumination of the artist’s frontal view robs the paying patrons of a high-quality experience.

So imagine that you purchase VIP tickets so that you can get a closer view of the performances but when you get there you are faced with a consistent wall of smoke that blocks the happenings, and when it clears you are blinded by a beam of light emanating from the back of the stage. Ever too often there are pyrotechnics going off on stage that punctuates the flow and distracts. So, Dear Promoter, you see that fog machine dey; Control that! You see that lighting dey; Fix that! You see that Pyrotechentic dey; Control that!

For coverage of the show see our YouTube Playlist: Launch Of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2024

 Melly Rose and Jaron Nurse Release “The Greatest” Music Video To International Acclaim

Trinidad and Tobago’s very own Melly Rose and Jaron Nurse have taken the world by storm with their latest music video release for the song “The Greatest.” Premiering in an astounding 14 countries since its debut on October 16th, the dynamic duo of Melly Rose and Jaron Nurse is receiving praise from music lovers and critics alike.

Melly Rose, known for her powerful vocals and captivating style, expresses her deep gratitude for the incredible response to “The Greatest.” She humbly acknowledges the role of God, saying, “I thank God for His grace and all the blessings on this journey. I’m eternally grateful.”

“The Greatest” showcases a harmonious blend of Caribbean rhythms and global influences, uniting listeners worldwide with its infectious energy and positivity. Melly Rose hopes the song’s universal message continues to inspire and connect with people worldwide.

The music video for “The Greatest” is an artistic masterpiece that perfectly complements the song’s uplifting message. It’s a visual spectacle that leaves audiences captivated and immersed in the music’s celebration of life, love, and the pursuit of greatness.

With its international premiere, “The Greatest” is poised to become an anthem for unity and aspiration. Melly Rose and Jaron Nurse are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned

Why Miami Carnival Has Risen To Be One Of The Best

With Caribbean-style carnivals on every continent and in many major cities around the world, Miami’s carnival has risen to be one of the best over the years. Scheduled annually for over the Columbus Day weekend in Florida’s beautiful city of Miami, it’s not difficult to see what gives Miami Carnival its uniqueness and special place in the hearts of so many carnival lovers.

Unlike most other carnivals, Miami’s is not a street festival; the entire parade of the bands takes place at the Miami-Dade County Fair Exposition grounds. Instead of the masqueraders meeting up with their bands at different locations, they all assemble at the Fairgrounds. Under strict security, only the masqueraders and preapproved personnel are allowed to enter the parade route. Here, the beginning of the parade is transformed into a ‘Carnival Village’ or ‘Garden of Masqueraders’ with a beehive of activities but instead of bees, we see human butterflies sipping on high-spirited beverages, munching on food, adding final touches to their costumes, and readying themselves for the parade. With music blasting, they dance, laugh, make new friends, and memories to last a lifetime.

On the parade route, unlike most other carnivals the masqueraders are free from the intrusion of spectators and pesty loafers for the entire journey. The freedom to move through the band with relative ease is one of the major attractions for playing mas in Miami as stated by many masqueraders. So although some of the bands are large, the masqueraders who have paid a pretty penny for their costumes can play their mas as they please. And of course, there are all the trimmings that are standard today: unlimited drinks, an adequate supply of food, and Alist DJs pumping out the best in soca music with instructions to egg on and indulge the masqueraders in their fantasies.

The bands begin their stage-bound journey in the early afternoon with some continuing way into the night;  this year 18 bands were scheduled to cross the stage. As per the judges, the band of the year was Ramajay Mas with Dingolay Mas and GenX being 1st and 2nd runners-up respectively.

But ‘Parade of the Band Day’ is not only for masqueraders, but there’s also a lot for spectators to see and do.  As the masqueraders make their way to the stage the spectators are able to see the bands in all their glory as they put on a show to impress the judges and onlookers.

In the Fairground the atmosphere is festive with the sound of the Caribbean punctuating the air as the music trunks slowly make their way across the stage. Scores of food tents offering Caribbean food, delicacies, and beverages to satisfy the appetites of the gathered.

And from early evening into the night the ‘After Party Concert’ grabs the crowd’s attention with upcoming and top soca artists performing with live bands. This year’s event was headlined by Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons with a delegation of artists from Barbados: Allison Hinds, Edwin Yearwood, Rupee, Lil Rick, Lead Pipe & Saddis’ and from the Antigua & Barbuda’s delegation: Ricardo Drue, Claudette Peters and others. Also performing were Olatunji, Skinny Fabulous, Pumpa, and Teddyson John with his band, just to name a few. So, for the moderate price of attendance, the spectators are treated to a top-rated soca concert as a bonus.

But Miami Carnival is much more than a one-day affair. The day before the big ‘Parade of the Band’ is the celebration of J’ouvert where thousands of people donned in paint, powder, and mud reveled at the Central Broward Park from late morning well into the afternoon. Most of the bands who bring out pretty mas also have a J’ouvert section; this gives the DJs and their technical team the opportunity to get things right for the following day. One of the most impressive things about this event is the thousands of people in attendance. This is not a spectator affair for all who enter the arena will be drawn into the Mele and will leave ‘stink and dutty’ after having a time of their life.

Still growing in size and stature is the Panorama competition. This year saw 5 Steel orchestras from Florida competing for bragging rights of Panorama champions. They all delivered tremendous performances which drew thunderous applause from the audience. The event concluded with a fiery guest performance by Hells Gate Steel Orchestra of Antiqua. Lauderhill Steel Orchestra was once again declared the champion Steelband.

It is important to note that Miami Carnival did not reach this status by chance; it’s the result of consistent planning and hard work. A representative from the Miami-Broward Carnival committee can be seen at the other major carnivals promoting the Miami carnival. A special mention must go out to the committee’s media section headed by Yvette Harris with the able assistance of Renee O Conor. They know the importance of using social media in promoting and getting coverage of their carnival out to the world and hence created a network of both large and small media outlets towards this objective. It is a simple concept when people see how much fun others are having, they long to be there.

Next year marks the 40th anniversary of the Miami Carnival and already plans are being made for a spectacular festival. So be there or you will be sorry when you see the coverage of what you have missed.

Trini Artiste Jose Freedom Making Musical Waves In Europe

Born with a natural inclination to dance and create, “Jose Freedom” stomped, floated, gyrated and slid his way to become one of T&T’s and the wider world’s finest dancers and choreographers. Among his prominence in the local arena, is having been one of soca icon Kes’ backup dancers. He was also a member of the respected international dance company, Elle InfiniTT.

The success of these disciplines advanced the UTT Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Performing Arts-graduate to varying high-class activities on numerous performing stages among the greats, internationally.

Freedom, birthed Judah Jiminez, said leading up to and during that journey, he cherished every bit of inspiration he received from others, so he reciprocated and gave back to students aged 11 to 19 years during his motivational stint with the Decibel Expo.

The Decibel Expo was a project founded and produced by Question Mark Entertainment that catered to young aspiring entertainers. However, even as Freedom whole-heartedly inspired others and embraced dance and the excitement it brought, somewhere deep down, he felt he had an untapped singing and music well – from which he was afraid to fetch.

He said his level of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment aroused constant brainstorming and a thirst to feel fulfilled, which led him to Europe three years ago (2020) where he currently resides, Prague, Czech Republic. His world of singing and music took flight. Open-mic gigs and other small activities stimulated many opportunities. He continuously projects his native national colours and culture everywhere. Passionate about sharing soca in particular, and the essence it brings and creates, he ruled in Soca Dance Workshops.

Jose Freedom

Jose Freedom

On August 26, Freedom was an opening act at his first big event, the REMA in Prague concert, held at Sasazu Night Club where he highly impressed the Nigerian Afrorave sensation headliner, Rema.

On September 15, Jose Freedon released his debut single titled ‘Home’; on the 29th he dropped his second single, I Like It, and on the 30th, he performed at the Horizon live concert. He has since attracted the attention of mainstream events and concerts in Prague following his Rema in Prague performance and has been invited to perform in Poland, Malta and Germany.

Freedom is booked for October 28 to perform at the event noted as the #1 Halloween event in Europe, Bloody Sexy Halloween, and to effectively deliver, on the 18, he released the single titled, Halloween, in which he collaborated with Venezuelan rapper, Kanito.

Freedom said producing his debut single, ‘Home’, is one of the biggest milestones in his life. Many changes have happened in his life since the idea of the song. He doubted himself so many times along the way, but the people and loved-ones around him, he believes with all his heart, that the universe has placed them all here at this time for a good reason.

In June he competently participated in Česko Slovensko má talent (Czech Slovakia Got Talent), where he swooned judge Diana Mórová off her seat, as cited in the video of the show premiered for the first time on October 8. Unknown to him, his talent attracted much attention that developed a fan base which soared his confidence. Freedom also may be a finalist as he is currently awaiting the official announcement of the semi-finalists.

Be sure to follow Jose Freedom on Instagram to stay updated.

Virgin Islander Pumpa Embraces Growing Success of The A List

US Virgin Island raised, Dennis’ Pumpa’ Liburd has been steadily stirring Soca circuits with his hit single ‘The A List.’ The popular single, which is quickly becoming the ultimate waistline starter for female party-goers, has been generating impressive engagement on streaming platforms since its release. With over 330K streams on the digital streaming platform Spotify, ‘The A List’ also peaked in 24 countries on Apple Music and iTunes, securing number one spots on the Reggae charts in the British Virgin Islands in May 2023 and Austria in August 2023.


No newcomer to the entertainment industry, Pumpa who was born in Saint Kitts, is St Croix’s Groovy Soca Monarch 2023, a title he’s previously held. His singing, writing and performing spans almost two decades, with him touring throughout the Caribbean, USA and Europe. Pumpa’s high-energy performances have separated him from many of his counterparts. He leaves a lasting impression throughout his touring and shares, “Even when I am performing for audiences that are unfamiliar with me, I always get feedback about how great and high energy my performances are.” 

Pumpa’s performance at the heavily subscribed Stink and Dutty event for Miami Carnival created an uproar, much to the delight of those present. Footage from his performance shows loud cheers and revelry in response to his hit song. As Pumpa’s reach grows, Shazam, one of the most popular music recognition apps, shows ‘The A List’ as #131 on the top 200 chart in Trinidad on October 11th. This serves as an awareness indicator that the song is being enjoyed and heard, but those listening may need to be made aware of the artiste or song’s name.

As Pumpa continues to entertain audiences globally he is focused on penetrating new markets. He is also working on new musical contributions for the St Croix’s upcoming Carnival season.

The song is also supported by an official video which was released on September 28th, 2023.

Granddaughters of Reggae and Soca, Mystic Marley & Nailah Blackman, Collaborate With Walshy Fire

Collaborations between Jamaican and Trinbagonian artistes in particular keep coming fast and furious across all genres of music and enterprises. The latest features Mystic Marley, Nailah Blackman, and Walshy Fire, who are set to mesmerize music lovers with their infectious new single, “Jump.”

Released on October 6, 2023 the track is an electrifying fusion of dancehall, reggae, and soca destined to captivate listeners worldwide. A release from the trio says that “Jump showcases the immense talent and versatility of three groundbreaking artists coming together in perfect harmony”. Mystic Marley is a gifted performer and songwriter, who effortlessly channels her iconic family heritage while bringing a fresh and contemporary sound to the track. Nailah Blackman is of course, the rising princess of soca music, who delivers her powerful vocals with a blend of grace and raw energy, adding a unique dimension to the song.

Walshy Fire, a renowned DJ, producer, and member of the ground-breaking, world-renowned Major Lazer sound system, masterfully combines his expertise in dancehall and reggae to create an irresistible beat that will make listeners hit the repeat button again and again.

“Working with Mystic on this track was lovely,” commented Blackman. “I think we have a similar energy and vibe when it comes to how we interpret music and how we express ourselves while recording. So it was just a really fun experience creating this…”

With its infectious rhythm and uplifting lyrics, “Jump” is the perfect anthem to set the dance floor ablaze. The track’s vibrant fusion of genres creates a sound that is both innovative and deeply rooted in the rich musical traditions of the Caribbean. Mystic Marley, Nailah Blackman, and Walshy Fire’s collaboration brings a refreshing energy and undeniable chemistry to the scene, making “Jump” a standout single that will appeal to music enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

With unparalleled talent and a penchant for blending traditional rhythms with contemporary elements, music producers ClickNPress (Chris Brown, Queren Naija, J. Cole, Alessia Cara) encapsulate the blend of Bob Marley “Rainbow Country” and Lord Shorty’s “Endless Vibration”. Creating a modern take off both songs “Jump” is a groundbreaking fusion of styles that will captivate listeners.

“ClickNPress did a beautiful job in fusing our worlds together,” said Marley. “You know Nailah is from Trinidad, she is making soca music, and her grandfather is Lord Shorty, who is an icon in soca music. And on my end, my grandfather is Bob Marley, who is the legend of Reggae music. So, the familiarity on the track really made things flow in an effortless way.”

“Jump” is now available on all major music streaming platforms. Listeners can experience the pulsating rhythm, infectious melodies, and empowering lyrics first-hand by logging on to:

About Mystic Marley:

Mystic Marley granddaughter of the legend Bob Marley, is a multifaceted artist hailing from a legendary musical lineage. With a spellbinding stage presence, captivating lyrics, and a voice that echoes her storied heritage, Mystic Marley continues to make waves in the music industry and forge her path.

About Nailah Blackman:

Nailah Blackman, the granddaughter of the founder of soca, calypsonian Garfield Blackman also know as Lord Shorty or Ras Shorty I, has quickly become a leading force in soca music. Her captivating vocals, unique style, and ability to effortlessly blend genres have made her a rising star on the international stage.

About Walshy Fire:

Walshy Fire, an influential DJ, producer, and member of Major Lazer, has been at the forefront of the dancehall and reggae scenes for years. With his unparalleled talent, Walshy Fire has collaborated with numerous artists and consistently pushed the boundaries of Jamaica’s musical landscape.


High-tech Drones Highlight Miami Carnival Marriage Proposal..

Love was literally in the air over the Miami Carnival parade of bands last weekend, as a young couple agreed to become husband and wife following an extravagant proposal using the latest drone technology produced by LunaLite Limited.

Paris Vazquez and Shivani Ramjit met briefly in 2021 at the Miami Carnival, which was its first after the pandemic. Paris told Overtime Media the amazing story:

“I met Shivani in Miami Carnival 2021 as we were both playing with Gen X Mas. Our interaction was short and sweet, but afterward, we kept in touch by phone. However, she lived in New Jersey and I was living in Florida at the time. Over the course of two months, our daily conversations made it evident to both of us that we shared a special connection.”

Vazquez said he planned a first date in Florida, which had to be postponed due to her father’s unfortunate illness. He then made a spontaneous decision to surprise her with a visit to New Jersey. Needless to say, making the trip and spending just about two hours out with her before returning to his home solidified the connection and their romance continued to grow via “countless hours of phone calls and video chats”. Then, on Christmas Day, he decided to take things up a notch and somehow convinced Soca stars, Patrice Roberts and Kees Dieffenthaller to help him ask her to be his girlfriend. They asked on his behalf and she definitely said yes and thus their journey as a couple began officially.

Fast forward to 2023 and Vazquez is now totally in-love and plans an elaborate show to ask Shivani to marry him on the Miami Carnival stage, but as fate and Carnival energy would have it, Shivani almost missed the whole thing! She recalled:

“In the immediate moment, I was totally overwhelmed with emotion in the most positive way. I’m not typically the crying type and I never saw myself as the person to cry during a proposal, but it really took me by surprise actually though. Funny thing is… I almost missed it by not paying attention.

“I saw the Trinidad flag pop up in the sky as he pointed to it, and I just said, wow, that looks so cool and then proceeded to turn away. It wasn’t until he literally held and pointed my head up at the sky and I began to see the words ‘will you’ forming, that my emotions took over and I was filled with so much happiness because I knew what was coming next.”

Miami Carnival was in full swing at this point, with bands heading to the stage just before 8 pm and a huge concert in progress also, but the thousands of masqueraders, Carnival lovers, Caribbean descendants and culture lovers, stakeholders, vendors and organisers assembled all looked to the sky in unison as “Will You Marry Me Shivani” illuminated the night sky alongside a Trini flag and a beating heart. An audible gush of emotions echoed through the Miami Dade County Fair and Exposition Grounds, followed soon after by applause, as most assumed her answer had to be yes after a proposal like that!Paris and Shivani Proposal

“Well of course, I said yes!” She gushed.

“In terms of suspecting anything,” Ramjit revealed, “I had my suspicions but he did a great job of keeping it on the low. When we first got to Miami for Carnival weekend, he disappeared for three hours with his friend, Chris and mentioned to me that there was another friend meeting up with us on Carnival day, who I know is NOT a Soca or Carnival fan so once he said that, I definitely raised an eyebrow, but it wasn’t enough for me to confirm it all in all. I’m glad the secret was kept though because there’s nothing worse than a spoiled surprise. I’m grateful for his love and that the moment was absolutely perfect.”

As far as Vazquez is concerned, a visit to Trinidad is now at the top of his list, but the music, the culture and one Trini woman in particular has already captured his heart and mind completely:

“Your culture is beautiful,” he enthused. “From the people, food and the music… it’s a special culture… One that needs to be protected and preserved. I’m looking to learn as much as possible, so that one day when we have our children, they will understand completely who they are and where they come from. Soca music is love. I can’t wait to see the day soca music takes over the world!”

Follow @2socaloversatcarnival and @overtimett for updates on this Carnival romance in progress.